The 5 Major Tips for Becoming a Best Marketer

Are you new to the word marketing? Do you want to know what exactly it is?

Do you need to explore and gain a new skill? Then, just sit down with a pen and paper cause this article is going to give you the best of knowledge regarding being the best marketer.

In this article, I am going to talk about How to become a best marketer?

This article will be useful for students, professionals, freelancer, professors, mentors, professionals, entrepreneurs and those who want to make their career in marketing.

To become a good marketer, you must understand the basic of marketing & The law of marketing. It is a huge industry. Also, at the same time it is constantly growing & evolving. Whether you are going to make your career in marketing or you are working in marketing field for a while you always have to improve yourself, learn new things, techniques & strategies. These things will make your work easy. You have to learn that particular skill than implement that in real world then only it will make you a best marketer.

Here, we will be talking about 5 major tips that will make you a best marketer.

Before, we get into How to become good marketer let’s understand the basic fundamentals of marketing.

The Basic Fundamentals of Marketing –

You have started your business or you have been working in a company but always you will be having this one question in your mind that where to begin or from where you have to start? See, first of all always try to understand marketing is not something like creativity. It is always on science. So, always try to think from that prospective.

Before you create a product or do marketing of that product always try to understand your customer or you can say target audience and their needs. Then as per your customers needs and wants you can create the product. Here, you are doing 2 things One you are fulfilling the needs of your customers by bringing or creating the product & second generating leads from the product.

Whenever you are doing the marketing of the product & selling it. Don’t do it just for sale. Always remember whenever you are selling the product you are building a relationship with you customer. So, always provide your customer the things they want and with good quality. Then only you will build trust on them. Then the relationship will lie for long time. So, to gain that long-life relationship you have to build that trust & loyalty with your customer.

We are always doing marketing of our product so that we can create a brand out of it. So, to make your product a brand you have to gain the MASSTRUST with your customer for your product then it will convert automatically to your brand. Obviously, it will take time but initially you have to capture a position of your product in the mind of your customer.

So, always try to build a great quality product. Because quality matters. Then automatically people buy your product. Then the time will come your customer will become the brand ambassadors of your product. So, focus more on product rather than just marketing the same product.

The Best Channel of Marketing is “Word of Mouth”

“Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time”.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing always refers to the offline mode of marketing. This means hoarding, billboard, newspaper, print, cold calling, banner & broadcast. It is one of the oldest ways of marketing. From many years this method is going because it is physically present, tried & experienced. Everyone in their day to day life came across traditional marketing like your daily newspaper or getting call from random stranger for buying your product.

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing which happen or conducted in the online platform. Such as social media ads and email marketing etc. Now a days it is getting widely popular due to the shift of new technology and culture. As day by day we are becoming digital and also it is said that it is one of the best mediums of marketing because it is the direct way of connecting with the target audience anywhere any time.

In this era everyone, every business is converting them into digital world. Because it is becoming a routine for customers to buy everything from online.

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional marketing is there we can not do personalization, deep marketing & natural sales. So, now a days everyone prefers doing digital mode of marketing.

What is CATT marketing funnels?

CATT Funnel means – W = n^CATT


W = Wealth

N = niche

C = Content

A = Attention

T = Trust

T = Transaction

It is one of the simple and most important formula formed by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju.

Once you understand this formula & implement the same in the real world then you will succeed in it for same.

To become a successful person and to create wealth it is always important to know your [n] niche.

Then once you know your niche than try to make relevant [c] content. It can be blog posts, videos or webinars.

Then you have to bring [a] attention of your target audience to your content by using different mode of strategies like SEO, social media, paid Ads, referrals etc.

In this step you have to build [t] trust with your audience by using techniques like marketing automation.

Once you complete all these steps then comes the most important and final part it is [t] transaction. Here you will convert your lead into customer of your product by doing natural sales.

This is one of the best methods of starting from your niche to sale your product. If you will focus on this CATT formula surely you will generate lots of wealth.

Here I will tell you about How to choose the Right niche.

Niche is not any rocket science; it is the combination of 3 things. They are –

1. Talent

2. Passion

3. Market

Before you choose your niche try to ask yourself these 3 questions.

What you are good in or what skill you are best in. This will tell you about your talent.

Are you passionate about your skill or about your talent?

Then ask yourself that is there any market to your relevant skillset.

Once, you get these 3 answers yes, then that will be your niche and you can generate your wealth out of it.

This picture below will help you understand this more clearly. 

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

The name itself in this topic is saying that integration of multiple marketing strategies in a unique form to become successful in your business.

Hence, just by doing content marketing or writing good content is not enough, just by writing blogs is also not enough you have to do SEO optimization. Also, just paid advertising in social media is not enough, here you have to make your ad visible to your niche audience, at the same time just email marketing with collecting bunch of emails and sending will not work. For that you have to find the right type of customer as per your product than you can do re-targeting through mail.

It is a step by step process. You have to follow the steps then if the right tools & techniques is used then the correct result will come.

This picture below will help you understand the concept more deeply.

Before you do Integrated Digital Marketing as in last step, I said about CATT funnel. So, here 1st you have to use or set up the CATT funnel and you have to follow this formula as a marketer. Then after that you will come to Integrated Digital Marketing. Here, we will implement the tools & techniques to execute our entire outcome.

In simple words if I will say,

CATT – It tells how you go through individual stages.

Integrated Digital Marketing – It tells us How to do it.

Hence, both the framework CATT funnel & Integrated Digital Marketing is important. We can say CATT funnel is executed to Integrated Digital Marketing.

What is a Personal Brand?

The word brand you must have heard quite frequently but what is Personal Brand?

Building personal brand means it can be your name, reputation and symbol that will make you stand out of the crowd. There will be a uniqueness in your brand. You must be having that unique skillset that will inspire people.

Your skillset, knowledge will improve the standard of living of other people. Hence, it is said that you are best at one thing & people want to learn from you.

You must share your information and knowledge with your target audience and to build strong relationship with them so that in later stage this will convert into your customer.

In personal brand you are creating yourself a brand where people get to know you as a brand more than your product. It became an influencer and work as a brand ambassador of your product.

How to build your Personal Branding? – MASSTRUST BLUEPRINT

Here, you will know how to build a personal brand. It is a step by step process. Slowly & gradually you will create your own personal brand.

You need to learn a new skill.

Then, you need to put your new skill into your work. Here, you have to implement it in the real world. It can be in job, own projects or freelancer.

After that write a blog on what you have learned, share your experiences. It is a very important stage for building personal brand.

Once, you will be expert in your skill set, work experience then starts doing consulting for other business.

Then comes the stage where you have to mentor to people who want to become just like you.

After doing all these things then arrives the final step where you will set up your own startup, sell your product which will solve the problems of your target audience.

The image below will give you a clear understanding of the entire MassTrust Blueprint cycle.

Well, I have made my part of imparting knowledge that I had gained. Knowledge has a beginning but no end. So, keep on knowing new things, be curious to understand what lies beneath each thing. Always remember Knowledge shared = Knowledge^2. Marketing is such a vast subject where you will keep on learning in each and every step. Just keep moving and keep exploring!

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